Inspection Services

PCI carries out inspections of storage tanks, industrial pipeline systems, pressure vessels and installations. Optimum use of the inspection plans guarantees the reliability and safety of the installations. If no such plans are available they are drawn up on behalf of the client. The know-how...

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QA/QC Management

Our quality management not only focuses on the product and service quality but also on the means used to achieve these goals. That is why we implement quality assurance as well as process and product checks to guarantee more consistent quality. Our main concern is to ensure continuity with...

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Welding Advice & Coordination

The proper functioning of a process installation depends entirely on the quality of the welding. Our specialists have the know-how and the experience to carry out rigorous quality controls of welded joints. In addition we also have expertise in: - Tank construction - Pressure vessels -...

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On-site safety

Our specialists all have a VCA certificate for the health, safety and environmental checklist for contractors: ‘VCA BASIC’ or ‘VCA VOL’ for Operational Supervisors. For specific safety assignments we may use staff with the necessary certificates, such as: - Prevention...

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Challenging jobs at PCI

Our customers have high demands: they need high potentials for their challenging technical projects. We strive for constant quality and provide them with the best people and services.

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Specialized technical consultants