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On-site safety

Our specialists all have a VCA certificate for the health, safety and environmental checklist for contractors: ‘VCA BASIC’ or ‘VCA VOL’ for Operational Supervisors.

For specific safety assignments we may use staff with the necessary certificates, such as:

- Prevention Officer 1
- Prevention Officer 2
- Prevention Officer 3
- Safety Coordinator A
- Safety Coordinator B

The tasks of the Prevention Officer are very varied and require a wide range of knowledge. That is why the position of Prevention Officer has been split up into different disciplines.

The disciplines are: occupational safety, psychosocial aspects, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and occupational medicine.

The Safety Coordinator has to coordinate the on-site safety aspects to ensure that no safety problems arise for (employees of) contractors working on the site at the same time.

He also has to ensure that contractors do not cause any safety problems for (employees of) contractors performing work afterwards.

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