The skill level of our consultants is determined by their experience in the world of inspections or the field of welding inspections. Based on that knowledge and experience, we distinguish different levels:


Inspectors have a minimum of five years’ experience working in inspection services or QA/QC departments, giving them a solid knowledge of materials, ample insight in process and welding technology as well as know-how in corrosion mechanisms. They are familiar with the various construction codes and the applicable legal standards.

The practical experience they build up and the availability of additional training courses enable them to advance to the level of Senior Inspector and Inspection Coordinator.

Senior Inspectors

All senior inspectors boast a minimum of ten years’ experience in the world of QA/QC or inspections. These specialists have an extensive knowledge of materials, processes, welding methods, corrosion phenomena, non-destructive testing, construction codes and legal requirements.

They have an in-depth knowledge of pressure equipment and damage mechanisms.

Inspection Coordinators

Our inspection coordinators have worked as an inspector for over fifteen years. Thanks to this experience and specialised training courses, they have built a solid reputation. They are responsible for the more complex inspections and the overall coordination. In addition, they also assist our clients in the optimisation of the inspection plans.

Welding Specialists

According to the rules of the European Welding Federation, our welding specialists are certified as ‘European Welding Engineers’ or ‘European Welding Technologists’.

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