Human Capital Group

Human Capital Group is an independent holding present in the European market with the following leading technical consultancy agencies: Advitek (Luxembourg), tec ICT (Belgium), tec Nederland (The Netherlands), tec (Belgium), PCI Professional Certified Inspectors (Belgium) and Technolink (Switzerland).

The group provides expertise for varied engineering projects and inspections in the industry, construction and telecom sectors, and is also active in the IT business. With more than 500 consultants and inspired by an ambitious growth strategy Human Capital Group further distinguishes itself in the market.

Human Capital Group

The cornerstones of our joint success

The professionalism of our consultants is the result of their high level of education, technical know-how, experience and permanent learning, combined with the appropriate attitude and motivation.

The sound and careful selection & screening by our experienced recruiters with technical know- how daily ensures that this team of professionals now has exceeded the 500 threshold.

Our account managers are your single point of contact and know how to translate your needs in the perfect match with the best consultants − through their listening skills and rapidity.

A proven ‘track record’ of 25 years shows a long term vision with client and consultants focus with the permanent objective of delivering maximum added value.

Human Capital Group stands for
highly qualified technical consultants.

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